Marilyn G.
Submitted 12/18/19
I started going to Dr. Adamson two years ago. He has done wonders for me by taking the time to understand my daily life dtylr

Judith K.
Submitted 12/02/19
Dr Adamson works miracles.

Sharon H.
Submitted 11/26/19
Dr. Adamson and his staff are very professional and caring in helping me with my pain. I appreciate the information that was provided to assist in my care and recovery.

Mason B.
Submitted 10/02/19
Kinexis is the best

Bob N.
Submitted 10/02/19
In and out.

Ehab T.
Submitted 09/24/19
After my 3rd visit to the practice, I got my medial meniscus injury almost 90 % fixed. Everyone is like family, very knowledgable, friendly and professional.

Nicholas T.
Submitted 08/31/19
Only person that has been able to help with my Carole tunnel perfural neuropathy.

Arlene B.
Submitted 08/21/19
Always professional and courteous, they have help me get pain free.

Submitted 08/21/19
Everyone was quite friendly and helpful. The Chiropractic Doctor David Adamson was very attentive and knowledgeable. My next visit will be to present me with a plan for treatment/pain management. I felt very comfortable and it was explained to me about insurance coverage and out of pocket charges. So far so good.

Lori M.
Submitted 08/02/19
Excellent service and information provided by Melissa

Ian M.
Submitted 07/12/19
Drs are very personable and knowledgeable.

Corey B.
Submitted 07/12/19
Always great

Tony O.
Submitted 07/08/19
Such a pleasure meeting everyone and really happy with my upcoming visits

Lori M.
Submitted 07/03/19
Melissa is a great rep. She is extremely knowledgeable and offers gets advise and tips

Karen B.
Submitted 06/17/19
Hands down, the best team of doctors & staff. So pleased. Will not go anywere else and neither should you!

Sue W.
Submitted 06/17/19
Friendly people

Daniel S.
Submitted 06/05/19
I think you do a good job when working with me. I feel good when I leave.

Carol H.
Submitted 06/03/19
I have always had excellent care at kinexis. I would highly recommend their services.

Susan L.
Submitted 05/31/19
Kari the trainer did wonderful stretches of my body. Everything feeling freer now. Dr Robel did some gentle great adjustments on my back & neck. Suggested applying heat to my neck tonight. Everyone was so friendly & supportive. Feel so cared for! Was even able to buy great CBD oil to help with pain & sleep. Awesome!

Bill M.
Submitted 05/29/19
Just fine
James R.
Submitted 05/28/19
Very helpful individuals.

Bonnie H.
Submitted 05/26/19
Dr Adamson is an excellent physician, very knowledgeable and extremely caring. He has educated me regarding stem cell therapy and I am looking forward to receiving this therapy. I have complete confidence and trust in him. I have recommended him to friends for the treatment and care they can receive at his office that is innovated and effective.

Teresa B.
Submitted 05/17/19
Excellent service and understanding everything stem cell

Denise S.
Submitted 04/10/19
Friendly and very knowledgeable staff. I really enjoyed my time there!

David L.
Submitted 03/25/19
Very professional and got me in right away good experience.

John O.
Submitted 03/20/19
The Kinexis Healthcare group are fantastic. Everyone is always friendly and have a smile on their face. They always listen to your concerns.

Melody G.
Submitted 03/18/19
Great staff and personal attention. Looking forward to feeling better.

Becky Z.
Submitted 03/17/19
Always get the best care with dr Adamson

Lisa S.
Submitted 03/15/19
This is my second time being treated and I feel pretty darn good right now. Praying they will be my saving grace. So far I am very happy!!

Angela D.
Submitted 03/09/19
I have have arthritis throughout my body since I was a child. I have see many chiropractors in many states. That’s what has kept me mobile. Dr Adamson is one of the best. He has helped me with my neck, back and knees. I highly recommend him and his office.

Iva S.
Submitted 03/07/19
Melissa is the best!

Laun L.
Submitted 03/05/19
Good. On time. Graining with progress. Thank you!

Gina H.
Submitted 03/04/19
Great visit, I really enjoy the whole process.