My weight loss journey with Ideal Protein began in October 2017. Dr. Adamson knew I had been trying to lose weight earlier that year and was struggling. I think my story is similiar to a lot of people who try to do it on their own. I did pretty well for about 4 months losing 20 pounds by watching what I ate and eating smaller portions. But as life continued those new habits became annoying and uninspired. All of a sudden I had gained 10 pounds back. I was shocked the weight snuck up on me AGAIN so when Dr. Adamson told me he was bringing this program into the office and wanted me to be part of the first group to try it out I said yes. Since he was willing to do it himself I thought why not at least try it out?

I started the program October 23, 2017 weighing in at 173.3, I am 5”7” which gives me a BMI of 26 and my body fat was 29.4%. Not great numbers. My weight had slowly been rising since 2008 and by February of 2017 I was 50 pounds overweight and tired of it. But I was also a little scared of making a commitment to myself to actually change my life. Thank goodness for the staff at Kinexis! They were all so incredibly encouraging and supportive. As I came in weekly and my clothes got baggier and baggier they were so enthusiastic for me and the changes going on with my body.

By February 22, 2018 I met my goal weight and started to phase off the program. I ended phase 3 at 134, BMI of 21 and body fat 21.5%. Excellent numbers! Going through the program has been life changing in ways I did not expect. I learned a lot about my relationship with food and how to better balance my meals throughout the day. I thought this was just going to be a weight loss program but instead it was more like a weight loss and education program. I’m so thankful that Ideal Protein has put together such an extensive program in order to educate dieters so that they can have long term success, not just weight loss for right now. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a proud employee of Kinexis Healthcare serving as the Director of Ideal Protein in the office. It is my mission to help as many people as I can get healthier, happier fuller lives.

I can promise you that being in the health and fitness field for 20 years I have heard and seen it all. The cabbage soup diet, the only eat apples diet, the Blood Type diet, the only eat facing east while standing on your head diet….. I have seen them all. The truth is ALL diets work if you stick to them right? So the key is finding one that you CAN stick to. Most are fads. Most come and go. Most are NOT easy to stick to or to maintain long term. Most do NOT teach you how to. That is what makes the Ideal Protein Protocol in a class of its own. Never before though, have I witnessed and been part of such an amazing and comprehensive protocol than Ideal Protein. I feel that the best part of the program is that you have a coach that helps you through the entire time and never lets you try to figure it out on your own.

You may look at my before picture and think that I don’t understand how hard it is to lose weight. I DO know how hard it is. I gained and lost 100+ lbs in a few years with both my pregnancies and did finally reach my goal weight but never got my before children body back. When I was approached to be an IP Coach, I thought it would be important for me to go through the program in order to be a better coach and to fully understand what each dieter was going through. Never did I think I would get the results I did. The support that came from the team at Kinexis Healthcare and the proven scientifically based protocol with Ideal Protein can make anyone successful at this lifestyle change. Let us help you on your journey to a better life.

SW 123 BF 22.6%

GW 115

EW 112 BF 18.9%

I was sooooo tired of losing the same 10 pounds over and over. It was ridiculous…seemed like just a few years ago, I weighed 135. It wasn’t a few years ago actually…it was more like 20. A few pounds here and a few pounds there and I wake up and Boom! 168 lbs. At 5,6” and being a physician, I knew that was not an ideal weight. I had done keto-styles programs before. But again, 10 pounds off then 10 pounds back on. And sometimes, those 10 pounds would bring friends along.

I started the Ideal protein weight loss system on Thanks Giving weekend and continued all through Christmas. The reason why I chose to commit to such a rigid program at the craziest time of year was to prove to myself that it could be done. I have been successfully maintaining now for two months and love the new look. Not only that but I sleep better, hurt less and have a ton more energy. Life is great again! And ladies, let me tell you…the best part was going from a size 12 to a size 4 and shopping for new clothes!!

SW: 205 GW: 185 EW: 170







The reality that we needed to do something about our weight and overall health was upon us.

Working in the office (Kinexis Healthcare) I attended a meeting about IP and the concept seemed easy enough and you get to eat real food. I spent a couple of days trying to convince my husband, he would not commit so I just started packing his breakfast and lunch and making dinner the IP way. Thanksgiving was tough but we worked around it. By Christmas we were both down 20 lbs so that made it a little easier to stick with it Realizing we were losing weight steadily kept us going into the New Year we started November 15th and had both achieved our goal by April 12th.

Doing this with my husband made this much easier when preparing meals and clearing out the pantry and fridge.
Grocery shopping is pretty simple, we stick to the list. My starting weight was 198 and my goal was 160. Kens starting weight was 267 and his goal was 220.

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