Weight Loss Program Q & A

Why can’t I lose weight?

Losing weight is more than just eating less or exercising more. It is a complex relationship between the amount of calories you consume, your metabolism, activity level, and any other health conditions you might have, such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. Not all diets are created equal and many crash or fad diets can be dangerous to your health or cause you to lose weight quickly, only to regain it all back.

At Kinexis Healthcare, the team offers doctor-supervised weight loss programs to help you reach your goals in a safe and reliable manner. The team provides extensive education and support so you understand what and how much to eat and strategies you can use to increase your daily activity levels without risk of injuring yourself through over-exercise.

Can a doctor-supervised weight loss program help me?

Yes, doctor-supervised weight loss programs are personalized and address all of the individual factors that make your weight loss challenges unique. The team has extensive experience helping men and women lose weight, no matter your starting weight or end goal. They’re also trained to help you lose weight safely and effectively, even if you have an underlying medical condition that can make weight loss difficult.

Their weight loss program focuses on improving your nutrition by increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and incorporates nutritional supplements when needed. They also teach you strategies for long-term success in maintaining your weight loss, such as logging your food, making smart choices when eating out, and incorporating exercise into your day.

What are the benefits of a doctor-supervised weight loss program?

Doctor-supervised weight loss plans are a safe and personalized alternative to many fads diets or trends. Other benefits of doctor-supervised weight loss programs include:

  • Evidence-based information about nutrition, metabolism, and calorie intake
  • Effective exercise programs that don’t increase your risk of injury
  • Being able to eat all food groups and not cutting out entire categories of food to save calories
  • Safe weight loss when you have an underlying medical condition
  • Lifestyle habits, such as increased water intake and restful sleep
  • Weight loss counseling and support

The Kinexis Healthcare team works with you to make steady, consistent progress during your weight loss journey so you can gain confidence in your food and exercise choices as well as your body.

Get started losing weight today by calling Kinexis Healthcare or scheduling a weight loss consultation online.

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